Get Ready for a Revolution

The iGaming industry is one that rarely stands still. Indeed, by always moving with the times and evolving as technology improves, the iGaming world has changed tremendously over the past decade.

From a small selection of virtual games you had to download to mobile platforms packed full of interesting and engaging options, there’s now something for everyone in the casino worldOnline roulette.

In keeping with this spirit of innovation and evolution, the industry’s top operators are now moving with the times and preparing for a new wave of games. Ever since live dealer casino tables became a hit, software developers have been looking for ways to improve the games and make them more accessible to the average player.

Making Mobile Gaming More Real

This desire to inject a dose of reality in the virtual arena has led to live dealer casino games becoming part of the mobile gaming spectrum. Although still a relatively small part of it, live mobile casino games are likely to take the industry by storm in 2016 and we want you to be prepared.

Indeed, according to a recent report by the software supplier NetEnt, mobile solutions for live dealer casino games are top of its agenda this year. After seeing impressive growth in this area online in 2015 (the company’s revenue increased by 33%), NetEnt’s CEO Per Eriksson wants to make more games available for mobile players in the coming months.

This means that sites that use NetEnt’s software, such as Smart Live Casino, will soon be able to offer a more realistic experience for their mobile players. In fact, when you check out the site’s current list of mobile casino games, there’s already evidence of this happening.

Alongside a range of 3D and video slots, Smart Live Casino offers a live roulette app for iOS and Android users. Offering all the reality and interaction of its online games, this app is a glimpse into the future of mobile gaming.

Live Gaming to Bring More Depth to the Industry

In fact, Smart Live isn’t the only site that’s moving with the times and augmenting its mobile products with a hint of reality. All the major players in the industry are now scrambling to take advantage of the latest software on the market.

So what does this mean for you as a player? Well, in a nutshell, it means you’ll soon have more games to play on the go than you did before. Moreover, as mobile technology improves (the new iPhone and Samsung models are due out this year), the depth of quality of the games should also improve.

Basically, if you’re betting on boom area in the iGaming world in 2016 then mobile live dealer games is where you should stick your money. While it might not be quite the revolution we hinted at in the title of this article, the advent of virtually real mobile games is certainly an evolution and something we should all be looking forward to in the coming months.