Fruit Game Machine. How to play?

Fruit slot machines, which are very popular in the UK, has appeared as a result of the ban on placing slots anywhere outside casinos. Fruit slots have been designed for use in bars, arcade halls and other entertaining places to meet the demand for slot machines.


Despite the fact that at first sight, these kinds of games seem very similar, you will notice that a fruit game machine has some features that distinguish it from a classic slot.Fruit slot machines demand more participation from the player than classic slots due to the many game features that contain game data.

They include a money ladder and the bonus trail or the bonus board, as it is also called. Bonus trail is activated in random moments of the game and the player must press a button to stop the icon and detect which bonus payout he has won.


Hold and Nudge are the buttons that can tell you whether the game you want to play is a real fruit game machine.

  • By pressing the Hold button, the player can stop one or more reels and they will not rotate into the next spin. The number of times a player can use this function is different from the game to the game, but it is a useful tool that can be used to keep profitable characters in their place and increase the chances of a good combination in the next spin.
  • The Nudge button works in a similar way, but instead of stopping the reel in place, it allows you to push it during the next spin and thus keeps the good symbols on the reel.