Can You Read Online Poker Tells?

Playing in a casino or at home, and in recent years playing on the Internet from home, poker continues to be one of the most popular games of chance. As all players know, there are certain signs that can help you “read” your opponents while playing poker. Of course, having the ability to read body language can help you decide whether tobet against an opponent.

Having noticed a player’s handshake or fast breathing, or perhaps noticing that one of the players holds his breath, he can definitely “tell” which cards the opponent actually has. However, this indicates that it only works if you encounter your opponent at a poker table, either in a casino or elsewhere. So how can you see someone playing poker online from your computer?

Although you may not notice your opponent’s trembling hands while playing online, there are still some signs, some tell you that you can use it while playing online poker. In these cases, playing bandar ceme on the Internet, you should focus on the reaction time of your opponent, as well as on how you bet. There are many players who will bet when they have no hands, and will refrain from betting when they have big cards in their hands. You can easily detect these players from the beginning, and then use them against them when you know that you can defeat them.

Another great online poker game is the software that uses the poker site of your choice.

 This will let you know certain statistics for all other players. You can use this information and use the game when playing. You can easily see how many tables a particular player plays, and this will let you know how good it is. You may also notice such things as auto-amplification during the game; If a player has this option turned on, he probably has excellent cards and cannot wait to make a bet.

Another feature of online poker that you should watch is chat. Although you may not see it or not pay attention to it at first, make sure you see what the people at your table say. In most cases, when a person has good cards, they begin to speak quietly, and you can find and use this advantage to your advantage.


When playing poker online, you should always pay attention to how your opponents play into their own hands, how long they have to bet, when they have good hands, how they use automatic choices, you will wait for big or blind, impulsive and they prefer to bet right away. All these details, along with the chat that occurs during the game, can certainly help you to better assess your opponent and use these keys.