Getting caught out by Changes in Variation Playing Casino Games

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Change of table dynamics at a casino table is all about variation versus probability. Back in the day car counters that played blackjack took advantage of this using something called a true count. They used mathematics to know when the table dynamics would change.

Today card counting is banned, or it is near enough impossible because casinos have introduced several decks of cards as well as shuffle decks in the shoe regularly. This is particularly true of Live22 casino where the casino uses an RNG (Random Number Generator).

The cards are in what is called a continuous shuffle mode. They only stop shuffling when a card is dealt, or a player choose to hit or split. After the card has been delivered, the deck of cards continues to shuffle. The reason for this is so anyone that tries to hack the system will never know which card is coming next.

However, intelligent casino players that understand the laws of probability and variation employ system that help them to reduce their losses and increase their chances of winning. To do this it is all about timing. Knowing when you are on an upswing or a downswing. Understanding when to it, and most importantly bet sizing strategies.

The very same concepts are used when playing poker. The players speed of play is one thing that catches out most poker players. There are players who come in to the game fast and pull off a few bluffs before they get knocked down and realise they have to play the rest of the game coming back from behind.

This usually changes the way the player approaches the game, but for the inexperienced the change in play can go unnoticed and hence you see so many players then get wiped out against the player that came into the table looking as if he/she has no strategy.

Being able to spot changes in other players game play can be a real life saver if you understand what has changed. Tight players can sometimes speed up their game as they get into the swing things, and with that they are liable for bluffs.

The way you play against a player that changes gears can give you the upper the hand. The problem is with tight players is for you understand what it is that makes them change their game.

Usually or at least most commonly it is the fact that they have started to make a profit. As this happens you will start to notice that player is going to more show downs and you can start to get an idea of the hand selection that player is using. It is then you can start to make bluffs that will give you more wins than losses because the tight player will either fold or raise giving you a two-move read.

You can also use a change in pace to your advantage. There are two types of players that come enter on to a poker table. The first type comes in gun hoe and loses a few chips before playing catch up.

The second type comes in tight and watches the table making very few moves with what you can guess is a tight hand selection. Most of the time the quick firing entrants to the table will slow down, and so you have to wait for this moment and then make a note of the time this player slows down. That way you will save money by not getting caught out later in the game when you remember this player only seems to play a loose hand selection and call their strong hands.

For the player entering the tables with a slow pace there is a different approach. These players will probably remain tight and play a fairly straight forward game of tight aggressive play. As they enter the table it is best not to get involved in too many hands with these players.

They are hit and miss profit makers depending on their hand variation, but when they do start to bet, get out of the hand unless you have something you can trap them with.

You can see that in poker games playing versus other players there are systems that are used to make sure the odds are used in the players favour. It is a little harder when you are playing against the house on a game such as roulette or baccarat because the dealer has act according to a set of rules. Those rules are weighed in favour of the casino and quite naturally so.

If there was not a house edge, then there would not be casinos. When you play an online casino take the poker example above and try to imagine how in depth the strategies that are used by poker players are. Apply this to your casino play and you will become a more profitable player, or at the very the least you will lose less money.